Easy Graffiti Prevention

With a selection of anti graffiti coatings available through EV Power Wash, there’s sure to be one that suits your application. Clear and coloured hydrophobic coatings prevent the penetration of paint for easy graffiti removal.

Nanotech Anti Graffiti Coating

Nanotechnology has become a powerful ally in the war against graffiti and vandalism by providing long-term resistance against graffiti to different surfaces, properties and assets.

Quick to apply and cost effective, the ability to quickly remove graffiti without the need for a sacrificial coating will further deter graffiti vandals from striking vulnerable areas.

If a particular wall, building or structure has been protected with anti graffiti paint, the surface will remain in pristine condition even after graffiti removal – often only requiring high pressure cleaning with water and detergent.

Anti Graffiti Anti Graffiti
Softwash House Before Softwash House After

Our Approach to House Washing & Siding Cleaning

We use state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment that lets us choose the right pressure for cleaning your home’s exterior. Our experienced crew at Sure Shot Pressure Washing decides how much pressure to use based on factors like whether you have brick or vinyl siding on your house.

For the more difficult jobs, we can apply a non-toxic detergent that won’t hurt your family, pets, or plants. It loosens stubborn dirt and mildew so we can blast it away with low pressure.

You won’t believe how amazing your Annapolis house will look after a professional house washing from EV Power Wash you will truly have a home that looks brand new.

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