Bubble Gum Removal Services in Midland, Texas

We all know that when a chewing gum gets stuck to any surface, it is very hard to remove it. However, you don’t have to worry because EV Power Wash is here to get the cleaning job done quickly and professionally.

EV Power Wash Provides Expert Bubble Gum Removal Services

Bubble gum or chewing gum removal is one of the most frustrating cleaning tasks if it gets stuck to any surface of your property. Chewing gum can stick to entryways, sidewalks, patio, or the driveway, which eventually turns into a black spot on the surface. Also, before it turns into that black smudge, all the clients and pedestrians walking into your business place may accidentally step on it and carry it through the office carpets and entryway mats. Then that chewing gum will get deeply embedded into the porous surface of the concrete and the carpet fibers, waiting for someone to step on it again.

That’s when EV Power Wash comes in! We provide bubble gum removal services in Midland, Texas, so that you don’t have to get through the above embarrassing situations in your business place. EV Power Wash has hot pressure washing equipment for the removal of chewing gum from driveways, sidewalks, and other surfaces. Our special soaps, detergents, and cleaning agents are biodegradable, which causes no damage to surfaces that we wash. Using our special equipment, we can safely remove the bubble gum while protecting the surface.

Our bubble gum removal process destroys all the bacteria and viruses that are found in the gum. By hiring EV Power Wash for routine maintenance cleaning of your surfaces, your property will have an attractive look, and your chewing gum smudging problem will be over! It will also prevent the damage and staining to the carpets and other surfaces while making your business place look more appealing for the visitors.

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Our Bubble Gum Removal Services

Bubble gum is disgusting. That’s why removing it from whatever surface it has stuck to is mandatory. The best method to remove the chewing gum depends on the gum’s age and level of penetration on the surface. If the gum has recently stuck to the surface and has not penetrated to the surface, then it can be easily removed by freezing it with ice and then scraping it off with a knife. The ice forces the gum to freeze, which can be easily peeled off right from the surface.

If the chewing gum has turned black and is embedded into the surface, we use a hot water pressure washer with a heat supply of 200 degrees. This melts the gum without any need for high pressure that can damage the surfaces. We never use more pressure than it is needed because it can damage the surfaces and will make your business place look ugly.

Precautions We Take While Providing Bubble Gum Removal Services

Before starting the chewing gum removal process, EV Power Wash always adhere to all the safety guidelines and take precautions, which include:

  • We do not store any chemicals in unmarked containers.
  • We ensure excellent ventilation while using solvents for chewing gum removal.
  • We do not save unused portions of stain-removal materials.
  • No organic solvents are used indoors without substantial air movement.
  • Only spark-proof fans should be switched on while operating with flammable liquids.
  • We use respirators with solvent filters.
  • Our professionals wear adequate protective gear while doing their job.
  • Hazardous chemicals are labeled as dangerous on their containers.
  • Our team is always ready to with proper medical care and antidote in case any mishap happens while using the chemicals.
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Benefits of Bubble Gum Removal Services

When we talk about the benefits of chewing gum removal, there are many:

  • It eliminates the smudgy chewing gum
  • It enhances the curb appeal of your business place
  • It prevents the surfaces from developing permanent damage and stains
  • It maintains the value of your property
  • It will make your business more appealing and inviting
  • It improves the hygiene of your business place
  • It preserves the pristine look of the surfaces

When it Comes to Bubble Gum Removal, People Always Trust EV Power Wash

EV Power Wash is a reputable company when it comes to providing chewing gum removal services. We emphasize making the surfaces look more appealing, attractive, and pristine. Here are the reasons why we have been able to build the trust and credibility in our customers:

  • We eliminate the chewing gums from the surfaces
  • We provide eco-friendly and safe solutions for bubble gum removal
  • We use advanced and modern equipment for cleaning services
  • Our customer services are client-oriented.
  • There are no hidden charges, and our pricing is affordable.


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